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(no subject) [Jun. 30th, 2006|06:51 pm]
so i've been pretty horrible at keeping this up to date
but i pretty much have been eating the same stuff that i've written down in my past entries
thursday night usually entails beer.  it's a thank goodness for the weekend type deal.
and then...um...

oh yeah.  i gave my two weeks at the gap.  i got a shitty review which made no sence.  i worked my ass off.  and i wasn't going to stay unless i got a raise. so i didn't get the raise, and i'm leaving.  i'm working a ridiculous amount of hours next week.  which sucks.  and then for the last week i'm there i took off a few days that way it'll be a relaxing leave i hope.

july 4th is kenny and my 1 year anniversary.  i'm so excited.  i'm working til 5 though which sucks a lot.  but we'll work it out i'm sure.   i finally figured out what to get him today.  so i just need to make my way to the store.


that's about it.
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(no subject) [Jun. 24th, 2006|09:56 pm]
yesterday was the concert. head automatica, angels and airwaves, and taking back sunday. we missed most of head automaticas set since we were in the parking lot drinking.  but it wasn't a big deal.  it wasn't that long ago that i saw them at the crazy donkey, for less money, where they were the headliner, and i was much closer to them.  big venues like the colliseum are...well...i prefer it to be more intimate i guess.
angels and airwaves kind of put me to sleep.  hearing tom delong try to be all serious and looking so scene...it's a little saddening to me.  it just makes me miss old school blink 182.  oh well, i guess people move on.
and taking back sunday, whom i never really bothered to listen to, impressed me much more live than what i've heard on cd's.  i'm probably not going to bother finding all their cd's and such, but i might steal a few songs from a few people. no biggy.
also yesterday kenny and i got a good fix of music.  within five minutes of walking into best buy we found 5 cds to buy.  and holy moly.  i'm in love with the new afi album.  from the first minute of it, i knew it. so good.  it's at ken's house and i miss it.
so that day, from what i can remember i ate:
a blueberry muffin for breakfast
then i ran some errands with kenny, went into port jeff to salsa salsa and got two steak tacos (surprised?)
at kenny's house i had a miller light
then we went to justins, were off to the show, where in the parking lot i had a few (can't remember how many) bud lights
during the show i had two coors lights and one and a half hot dogs
then at applebees afterwards i had cheesy bacon tavern chips

today i did much better with the eating thing.  since i worked from 1-9:15, there wasn't much time to eat.
before i went to work i made myself a rice and beans lean cuisine
before my shift started i went and got a tall caramel machiatto
for my lunch break i had a chicken ceasar salad
and when i got home i had a bowl and a half of whole wheat pasta
i may have a grapefruit for dessert later

so far what i've seen of gaps new fall line i've really liked.  it's much more trendy. (in a good way) before it even hit the salesfloor i bought a sweatshirt.  it's really nice.  i'm really going to have to do something harsh to contain myself.

i need to get kenny something for our one year.  i'm pretty much blank with ideas :( so sad.

i also need to figure out why i have two pimples right now.  they need to go away.  and i mean, like, tonight.  i'm done with them.  they can leave now.  and the hair.  ugh.  the rain.  my hair and the rain do not mix.  i don't know what to do with it.  pretty much, it looks like shit.

and that's about the jist of it all.
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(no subject) [Jun. 22nd, 2006|03:53 pm]
yesterday breakfast consisted of half of a turkey and cheese sandwich
and then lunch consisted of a turkey and cheese sandwich
dinner was awesome; slice of fresh mozzerella pizza
and then a little dessert; a few spoon fulls of coldstone (cake batter ice cream with almonds)
of course that can't be all.  went back to kenny's house and had 2 beers

so far today has consisted of complete and utter shit for food
so far today i've had a blueberry muffin, some potato chips, and a frozen fruit bar

something's up with my hair and i'm not pleased...it feels really damaged in the front...damn
i'm going to have to figure out what to do about this

oh, and i finished confessions of a shopaholic. not too bad.  i'm not sure if i'm going to pick up the other books by the same author right away.  i think i might browse around and try a few different titles that i've noticed recently.  3 books so far this summer.  not too bad.

i have work and 5:45.  which bites.  i'd rather just have off than work for four measly hours.  whatever though.  it's a bit more money in my pocket i guess.  but, it's thursday night, and that makes me happy.  out of work at 9:45 and hopefully heading to the bar to relax and have a few drinks.  now that i'm 21, i don't think i want to grow a year older for a while.  shame that won't happen.
and tomorrow is the tbs, head automatica show. awesome.  hang out with some friends.  have a drink or two.  watch live music.  it's pretty plain and simply a good day to be had i'm sure.

now if 9:45 could just come around quickly....
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(no subject) [Jun. 20th, 2006|09:48 pm]
work was long and tiring, as per usual when you work 8hrs.  it went by relatively quickly though, and i didn't have to close, so both of those added up to a fairly decent work day.  some of the new girls worked, but they were stuck in rooms, so i really didn't have much time to say more than "how are you holding up?" "any questions?" "i'll be out here if you need anything" and the like to them.  they do seem very nice though.  the store was busier than i thought it would be for a tuesday.  ken stopped by so i could give him his cell phone and he was nice enough to bring me starbucks.  oh the benefits of having your boyfriend work there.  gotta love it.
i bought him a pair of jeans that he tried on and i guess he liked.  i'm not a huge fan of the patch on them.  but then again, he's not a huge fan of some of the stuff i wear. (like my sparkly stevens that i love)  he's the type that can pull it off though.
i'm tired.  one load of laundry is in. i didn't really look if it was stuff i needed...i'm just hoping.
my grandparents are here.  i'm trying as best i can to get along with my grandpa.  i'm opening up my mouth a little more, trying to be a bit like my normal oppinionated self, but i obviously have to hold back on an array of subject matters.  but from what i've said, he thinks i'm hysterical.  i'm surprised.  get a little bit more alcohol in me and then we'll see just how hysterical i am.
tomorrow i close. 9pm.  not too bad. and then thursday i kind of close...9:45...which means i don't have to stay til after 10 to make sure the store's completely closed.  i kind of feel bad, but like it at the same time.  i def. think thursday calls for a drink or two and i hope kenny's up for it.  maybe nutty again?  i got pretty drunk last time and had a blast.

ok, update on the food situation today.  i already covered breakfast; so here's how it goes for the rest of the day.
on my first 15 i went to starbucks and got a tall caramel machiatto
and then for my hour i went to salsa salsa and got  two steak tacos
of course denise brought in a snack and i had a chocolate chip cookie
when i got home, my mom had cooked again, and i had one slice of steak, tater tots, breaded broccoli and cauliflower, and salad
i'm sure when i go downstairs i'll have some doritos or tostitos and salsa
(sue me, but i got my period today, i'm having cravings and i'm bloated.  that means i have NO motivation to do crunches.  but i swear after this over i'm going to start again.  and maybe i'll even try to jog a few times a week before work.  i really really need to.  i mean, i'm going to splish splash in july and i would prefer that i look decent.)

friday is the concert.  it should be interesting.  one of those big venue deals.  i'm not so used to that.
i really want to go to six flags.  i gotta figure out when though.  take a random day of the week off.  i wonder if they're doing that soda can buy one get one free deal.  that'd be sweet.

well, it's time to stuff my little face.  i can't help it, it's horrible.
maybe i'll even do some more laundry.
damn, my life is exciting.
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(no subject) [Jun. 20th, 2006|09:10 am]
so, before work, i'm going to try to update this as best as possible.  food wise.  no real time for a thoughtful entry.
fathers day was an eating extraveganza. ugh.

woke up and had brunch at the diner, italian omelette and home fries
of course we needed dessert after that and i ended up getting a small mango bold breeze
then went out to the hamptons and enjoyed manacotti, pasta, string beans, tomatos and mozzerella, two or three glasses of wine, and chocolate cake (came home super stuffed)

yesterday i woke up and had a blt
during my 15 at work i enjoyed a tall iced double shot non fat latte
then i came home and proceded to stuff myself with doritos
mom made a good dinner of chicken, rice a roni, and spinach
of course i couldn't go to starbucks just once a day, so i went back with ken and had a grande caramel machiatto

today has been pretty good, breakfast wise....
i had two slices of buttered toast, a cup of green tea, and some strawberries with light whipped cream
but being that i'm working a full shift today, who knows what type of junk i'll end up eating there...

is it friday yet?  because, yeah, i don't have a day off until then.  and i'm so super tired.  9:45 - 6:45 just seems like a long ass shift.  it's a typical gap shift...but it's all day.  at least i'll get to read some more of the new book i'm reading. 
so far this summer i've read the devil wears prada (so excited for the movie) and everyone worth knowing (by the same author) it's a shame she hasn't written more, i really liked both of those books and completely devoured them.
now i'm on to confessions of a shopaholic.  not bad so far, but i've only gone in about 3 chapters
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(no subject) [Jun. 18th, 2006|12:28 am]
i worked, a lot, today. so tiring. but, we actually made it out on time.  not something that happens often when the store makes 27,000.  it's pretty ridiculous how much the store can make in a day. my mom joined me for lunch/dinner.  that was nice.  we went to the puppy store and there is still this ridiculously cute puppy in the very back window.  i have no idea what breed he is, which is odd, because i'm fairly good with breeds.  i'm going to have to ask next time, or look it up when i'm aimlessly sitting in front of my computer.
i tried to mark on the calendar that i could work after five on july first and before five on july fourth.  i really should talk to maryanne, but the store is so busy recently that it makes it very difficult to do so.  i hope it all works out.  i would love to be able to spend time with kenny on our one year anniversary.  we both worked on valentines day.  to work on our anniversary too would be really sad.

and now on to my obsession with food and me feeling like a heffer. (because certainly right now, i do.)
woke up ate one and a half bowls of whole wheat pasta with vodka sauce.
on my first fifteen from work i had a tall iced double shot non fat latte.
on my dinner break i had two steak tacos and some chips and guac.
on my last fifteen i had a tall vanilla bean frappacino. (i only drank half of it though)
when i got home from work i had a lean cuisine rice and beans, some onion rings w/ honey mustard, and two heineken lights.

one of these days i swear i'll have a good food day.  tomorrow is not going to be that day though.
we're going to the hamptons to celebrate fathers day.  that just means a whole day of eating.  the chocolate cake that we're bringing looks amazing. sigh.

i miss kenny.  it's 12:36am, i hope he gets off of work soon and calls me...

yeah, i seriously love him.
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starting over [Jun. 16th, 2006|11:42 pm]
takingmain.  technically, that's just my name jumbled up.  which, i guess, can describe me most of the time.  typical gemini? probably.  i was going to use this name as a forum to display some of the things i've written; plays, poems, short stories, ect.  but, in usal gina fashion, i've changed my mind.  maybe this will be my new journal.  maybe not.  maybe i want to start over here.  a clean slate.  hopefully no more ridiculous livejournal drama.  just me.  and my life. 

as per usual, i'm body concious.  (when am i not?)  but, it's summer.  that means shorts and bathing suits.  i continuously tell myself that i'm going to lose weight.  i never do anything about it.  and then, many nights, i go to bed feeling like a heffer.  thinking about everything i've eaten that day.  sick, i know.  so, i figure if i write it down, then i don't have to think about it as much.  and i can refer back to it whenever i need.  this might be a good way to control what i'm eating.
so, today: (ps, what comes next is why i go to bed feeling like a heffer)
woke up and ate a banana
layed outside for a bit, became hungry, ate a turkey and cheese sandwich with a side of potato salad
ran some errands with mom, ended up grabbing a crunchwrap supreme from taco bell
visited kenny later on at starbucks and had a grande caramel machiatto
cleaned up a bit then ate two bowls of whole weat pasta with vodka sauce
see what i mean? heffer.

today in general was good.  although my room is not clean, which was my main goal for today.  i'm procrastinating as usual.  my mom was nice enough to buy me a pair of ralph lauren sneakers.  they're super bright, which makes me love them. (they're much better looking in person)
and then i bought two shirts.  finally broke in my credit card. woops. (it says "you will do what i say") and the second one i can't seem to find a picture of, but it says "bitchy is my middle name".  nothing like making a statement across your chest.  yeah, i'm a loser, shut up.

summer has been awesome so far.  i need to write again soon.  this entry reminded me how much i love to write.  about everything.  maybe this is a good thing, this whole, starting from scratch.  good.  i like this.
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